Camila Nobrega

Camila Nobrega is a Brazilian journalist and researcher working on megaprojects and social-environmental justice through Latin American feminist and queer perspectives. Camila initiated a project called Beyond the Green, a laboratory of transmedia narratives investigation on these topics. She is based between Berlin (Germany) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and has published her work in various international media outlets such as The Guardian, Mongabay Environmental News, Le Monde Diplomatique, among many others. She also takes part in different collective transmedia projects, as well as collaborations with other journalists, researchers and artists. Camila is currently a Ph.D Candidate at the Gender Division at the Free University of Berlin. Tw: @camila__nobrega


🌟 B&B Panel: Building Just and Sustainable Digital Futures (EN)
Camila Nobrega, Julia Kloiber, Lynn Kaack, Katrin Fritsch, Aymara Llanque Zonta

A panel that maps different approaches to understand opportunities and pitfalls of emerging technologies; and that showcases pathways towards building the just and sustainable futures we want to see.

New Social Deal and Global Justice