Nandini Chami

Nandini Chami is Deputy Director and Fellow at IT for Change, a not-for-profit organisation based in India working to further gender equality, social justice, and development justice in the digital economy and society. Her work is focused on research and policy advocacy in the domains of addressing corporate power in the digital economy; alternative digital economy imaginaries grounded in southern feminist epistemologies; and the political economy of digital rights.


🌟 B&B Panel: Global Justice and Digitalisation (EN)
Renata Avila, Nandini Chami, Gabriel Karsan, Geraldine de Bastion

Who shapes digitalisation? Who owns infrastructure and who controls the Internet? What role do transnational corporations play? What is digital colonialism and which inequalities are reproduced by digitalisation? We will also address questions such as to what extent communication and information technologies can be used to break down power asymmetries.
We aim to unravel the diverse contextualities of Digital Sovereignty and it's the impactful scope of it's infringement

New Social Deal and Global Justice