Anna Hochmuth - climony

I am currently part of the venture development team for climony and I would be thrilled if we would get the chance to present climony at the Bits& Bäume conference.

climony is a new impact startup aiming at exploring new ways for counteracting climate change to preserve living spaces for future generations. To achieve this, the startup challenges the status quo of carbon offsetting services by prioritizing reduction measures over offsetting, educating people on climate change, and funneling support to impactful climate initiatives. It was launched by wattx, the company builder of Viessmann, with the mission of becoming the interface between society, companies, NGOs and municipalities in the field of climate protection. climony takes a novel, integrated approach to this topic as it incentivises all of the above-mentioned parties to collaborate for effective climate action. Further, it aims to encourage the political engagement of consumers through various means and recommendations for immediate action-taking such as participating in petitions or engaging in local projects. As being part of their ecosystem, climony receives funding as well as expertise on sustainable climate solutions from the Viessmann Group, who is a leading provider in this field.



Pitch & Thrive for Sustainability - SA/B
Anna Hilger, Prof. Dr. Volker Wulf, Lydia Neuhuber, Johanna Graf, Hauke, Anna Hochmuth - climony, Simon Bail - climony, Thomas Reucher, Maximilian Lehmann - Fainin GmbH, Ammar Al-Eryani - Fainin GmbH, Kevin Mattutat - Fainin GmbH, Johann Lißner - Fainin GmbH

„Pitch & Thrive for Sustainability“ unser diesjähriges Sonderformat à la „Shark Tank“ in grün aka „Die Höhle der Löwen“, aber in nachhaltig. Aufgeteilt auf 4 Sessions werden jeweils 3-4 unternehmerische Ansätze zur Bewältigung der sozial-ökologischen Transformation vorgestellt und von unseren ausgewählten Juror*innen auf Herz und Nieren geprüft.

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