Cities in the Loop: Re-coding the Circular City (EN)
10-01, 13:20–14:00 (Europe/Berlin), feige
Language: English

Re-coding the Circular City

The short transdisciplinary workshop format invites participants to reflect and ideate on digital tools for transition towards the Circular City.

From fully networked mobility and logistics infrastructure, to micro and local food production, to renewable energy, to water cycles, to reuse of urban lands and the repurposing and refurbishing of existing buildings, to material reuse and urban mining, repair movement and product life cycle extension, and cradle-to-cradle design, production and consumption, to the social circles of interaction, reciprocity and exchange, to regenerative ecosystems … – the dimensions of urban circularity are countless, with multiple loops feedbacking into one another.

Because of its overwhelming quality, the complexity of urban circularity has conventionally been handled within clearly defined distinct disciplinary domains. Nevertheless, crosscutting and intersecting all the aforementioned dimensions is needed in order to find an approach to the circular city that reflects the complexity of urban ecosystems.

Looming large is the fundamental question of who are circular habitats for, interrogating what type of human and other-than-human inhabitants they host. And, sure enough, how inhabitants are affected and can interact and shape the loops composing the circular city.

The workshop builds on the idea that the urbanisation of technology should address sustainability and that the digital acts as a facilitating technology…

The workshop is conducted in English (and German).

How to reflect and recode the organic intertwined generative helixes of the city’s DNA?

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