Digital goes Fair Trade: How Fair Trade principles can transform the ethics of digital work
10-01, 15:40–16:00 (Europe/Berlin), BIRKE
Language: English

If we need Fair Trade standards for coffee, do we also need them for digital products and services like websites? The presentation discusses the opportunities and downsides of digital work and the gig economy, highlighting the need and chances of Digital Fair Trade. The concept is illustrated using the example of the world's first Fair Trade verified agency, Digital Lions in Kenya.

Presentation with Q&A/open discussion at the end or in between

Jan Veddeler is co-founder of Digital Lions, the world's first Fair Trade creative agency. An economist by training, he has worked mainly in the international development sector for the last years, across roles in finance and IT. Jan is a social entrepreneurship enthusiast, with a passion for impact measurement (walk the talk). With, he fights for more equality of opportunity through 100% inheritance taxes (above a threshold).

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