CiTiZEN KiNO: ( #93 ) Organisms vs. Automatons - Revisited * (in ERLE)
Language: English

  • 10-01, 18:00–20:30, Atrium
  • 10-02, 18:00–20:30, Atrium

All times in Europe/Berlin

CiTiZEN KiNO is a live event using curated films + media bits to collectively navigate our challenging times. An interventionist cinema environment, a situationist art and a hacking of the screens. Participation + discussion encouraged !

XLterrestrials present
 CiTiZEN KiNO : ( #93 ) Organisms vs. Automatons - Revisited *
From our perspective all is still not well in the cybernetic trajectories ! If we wish to address the full scope of the ecological, social and planetary turmoil already unfolding, it will be crucial to reassess our relationship to technological environments and the hyper-industrialization of living organisms and our habitat. Our theory is that an uncanny trench is developing - or a convergence of grave errors manifesting - in diverse fields such as anthropocene + climate studies,
financial systems, social + political organization, biological
innovation and internet technologies.

Have we crossed a toxicity threshold as a species whereby our/their tech industry explosions and social mutation now aim to capture, shape and adapt life in order to feed particular systems and agendas, rather than to serve the needs of a plurality of societies and cultures and all its rural and urban inhabitants?  These kinds of questions might lead us to other concerns beyond finding ways to make our tech better and greener, but
more urgently to make it less invasive to an entire eco-system of symbiotic, intelligent and evolving lifeforms !

We have assembled an archive of media for instigating this discussion, debates, community organizing, new strategies thinking... and to keep us inspired through difficult times !

We are indy media artists + analysts + alien personas with the XLterrestrials, an arts and praxis group who work as a collective identity. We produce cultural events in an effort to find creative ways to strategically navigate the current planetary-scale mess made by indentifiable bad actors and various asocial factors. One of our projects is CiTiZEN KiNO - public media interventions, cinematic hacking and collaborative investigations.