A digital rights perspective on Big Tech’s environmental footprint (EN)
10-02, 15:40–16:40 (Europe/Berlin), clementine
Language: English

We are living in a climate crisis. The science is clear. We need to rapidly change to a more just and sustainable society. This includes investing in sustainable internet infrastructures, to this date the world’s largest coal-powered machine. In this session we, a group of digital rights funders, want to listen to how you are working towards climate-neutral or climate-supportive infrastructures.

In the last year, digital rights funders have begun to invest in research specifically looking at the intersection of climate justice and key digital rights issues. This research highlighted several areas where more conversation and collaboration would be helpful, such as climate misinformation, open practices and knowledge commons around climate, policy and regulation, among others.
We are interested in holding a conversation with attendees about some of these issues, and some of the hidden or less discussed consequences of these infrastructures beyond carbon. We are curious how small companies, start-ups and founders attending B+B are approaching these questions of climate-neutral or climate-supportive infrastructures, what tools and allies they have found as they navigated this challenging landscape.
Digital rights funders are looking for guidance from activists, civil society and for-profit companies that seek to find a solution for this increasingly urgent problem space. We are working with foundations and actors who are looking to put their resources into the most impactful and important initiatives working on these problems. The session is looking for answers to the following questions: What does sustainable internet mean to you? 2. How are you intervening and why did you choose this approach? 3. What is it that you need?

Maya is Project Manager for Ariadne’s Digital Power initiative. She has been working in the international security and safety field for over 8 years.