Aymara Llanque Zonta

Social researcher, social psychologist PhD in philosophy at the indigenous university Siglo XX of Llallagua - Bolivia, post doc in food sustainability in Latin America and Africa, full-time lecturer at the faculty of sustainability, Leuphana University in Germany. She is a decolonial feminist activist, of GLEFAS (Latin American group for feminist studies, training and action in Latin America http://glefas.org/), working on critical perspectives of sustainability and green alternatives, with special focus on processes of neo-extractivism, as well as coloniality in the science of sustainable development.

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🌟 B&B Panel: Building Just and Sustainable Digital Futures (EN)
Camila Nobrega, Julia Kloiber, Lynn Kaack, Katrin Fritsch, Aymara Llanque Zonta

A panel that maps different approaches to understand opportunities and pitfalls of emerging technologies; and that showcases pathways towards building the just and sustainable futures we want to see.

New Social Deal and Global Justice