Max Bank

Max Bank is a campaigner at the Cologne-based LobbyControl Initiative, which aims to educate the public about lobbying and power structures in Germany and the EU. Just like LobbyControl, Max is committed to the notions of transparency, democratic control and aims at creating clear barriers to influencing politics and the public. Over the past years, Max has addressed these issues through different lenses. In his role as a researcher, he has finished a PhD in economics on the topic of “Political consulting and economic policy in the Adenauer era” at the University of Cologne. In his role as an activist, Max volunteered in the coordination group of Attac Germany, focusing on banks and financial markets. Today, in his position at LobbyControl, Max’s primary focus is on the increasing power of big tech and how these corporations try to lobby at the European level.


🌟 B&B Panel: Towards Post-Capitalism in the Information Age (EN)
Jonas Pentzien, Ela Kagel, Max Bank, Cecilia Rikap

What policies do we need to break market power in the platform economy? How can we ensure that our digital futures are centered around the common good, and not profit? And what could post-capitalism in the information age look like?

Tech Design, Power Relations and Ownership