Mathieu Baudier - Netiket

IT engineer and managing director of Argeo GmbH. Focusing on standardisation, modularity and QA. Developing in Java, from and for Linux. Also a political scientist (master in international relations).


Argeo is a Berlin-based SME specialised in developing tailor-made IT systems based on free / libre software (Java + Red Hat or Debian Linux). Over the last 10 years, while rather working on corporate projects in various industries (e.g. for Rolls-Royce, AGFA, UNICEF Congo, Capco), we have matured a suite of GPL SaaS applications for the sustainable and creative sectors, soon available under the Netiket brand (registered EU-wide).

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Pitch & Thrive for Sustainability - SO/B
Johanna Graf, Hauke, Yvonne Zwick, Frank Karlitschek (Nextcloud), Dr. Felicitas Breitenbach, Backdigital GmbH, Jonas Geyer - Circonomit GmbH, Stephan Multhaupt - Circonomit GmbH, Mathieu Baudier - Netiket, Rehab - Timeprints

„Pitch & Thrive for Sustainability“ unser diesjähriges Sonderformat à la „Shark Tank“ in grün aka „Die Höhle der Löwen“, aber in nachhaltig. Aufgeteilt auf 3-4 Sessions werden jeweils 4 unternehmerische Ansätze zur Bewältigung der sozial-ökologischen Transformation vorgestellt und von unseren ausgewählten Juror*innen auf Herz und Nieren geprüft.

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Mathieu Baudier - Netiket

Netiket is a new enterprise SaaS service, 100% open source, launching at the end of 2022. Its main focus is on domain-specific middle-sized systems for the sustainable and creative sectors. Pilot projects already in production for months include agroforestry management across six African countries and an EU-wide policy analysis database on urban heritage protection.