Lynn Kaack

Prof. Dr. Lynn Kaack is Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Public Policy at the Hertie School. Her research and teaching focuses on methods from statistics and machine learning to inform climate mitigation policy across the energy sector, and on climate-related AI policy. She is a co-founder and chair of Climate Change AI, which is an organization to facilitate work at the intersection of machine learning and climate action. Previously she was Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer in the Energy Technology and Policy Group at ETH Zürich.


🌟 B&B Panel: Building Just and Sustainable Digital Futures (EN)
Camila Nobrega, Julia Kloiber, Lynn Kaack, Katrin Fritsch, Aymara Llanque Zonta

A panel that maps different approaches to understand opportunities and pitfalls of emerging technologies; and that showcases pathways towards building the just and sustainable futures we want to see.

New Social Deal and Global Justice