Johanna Sydow (Germanwatch)

Johanna Sydow is Senior Advisor for Resource Policy at the NGO Germanwatch (Berlin). Since 2014 she works on circular economy and sustainably mineral supply chains and has been asked several times for advice as expert to hearings in the German parliament is part of the Resource Commission of the German Environmental Agency. She has worked for the Heinrich-Böll Foundation Europe (Brussels), Misereor (Berlin), the University of Sussex (UK) and Universidad Andina (Ecuador) and is co-founders and chairwomen of the organisation Runder Tisch Reparatur (round table repair). Currently she is part of the OECD Expert Group to develop a Particial Tool on Environmental Due Diligence in Minerals Supply Chains. She has conducted field research on the social impact of mining in Ghana, Peru and Ecuador and published on the impact of CSR on local communities. She holds a Master Degree in Environment, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex, UK and a Master Degree in Sociology from the University of Bielefeld, Germany.

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🌟 B&B Panel: Squaring the Circle: On the Road towards a Digital Circular Economy (EN)
Andrea Vetter (Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie), Dr. Vivian Frick, Prof. Andrea Carolina Cardoso Díaz (University of Magdalena), Johanna Sydow (Germanwatch), Almut Nagel (Europäische Kommission)

Does social prosperity always have to be linked to resource consumption? Digitalisation holds the promise of being able to break such a link and lead to a genuine circular economy. At the same time, digitalisation itself eats up vast amounts of resources. Which economic models will lead us into the circular economy?

Economy and Resources