Ela Kagel

Ela Kagel is digital strategist and managing director of SUPERMARKT Berlin, a platform for digital culture and alternative economy in Berlin. Since 2019, she also serves on the board of Platform Cooperatives Germany eG, a cooperative that supports decentralized, cooperatively-structured companies with a digital business model, especially in the start-up phase. Just this year, in 2022, Ela has started the GameChanger project together with SUPERMARKT and the Curatorial Collective for Public Art (CCPA), which deals with the changed framework conditions of cultural institutions in a networked world. At the center of Ela's work is the effort to promote a cooperative, digital economy - as an alternative to the monopolies of the platform economy.


How to grow platform alternatives (fast) (EN)
Jonas Pentzien, Ela Kagel, Greta Franke, Oriol Alfambra, Felix Weth

How can democratically-structured platform alternatives grow despite scarce resources? What support structures do they require? And what does all of this have to do with sustainability?

Tech Design, Power Relations and Ownership
Kollektives Kapital: Die Potenziale von Platform Coops
Ela Kagel

Ela Kagel stellt interessante Neugründungen und Geschäftskonzepte aus der kooperativen, digitalen Ökonomie in Berlin vor. Dabei geht es um die Frage, warum Platform Coops heute relevant sind, worin ihre Besonderheiten liegen und welche Rahmenbedingungen diese kollektive Unternehmensform in der Zukunft braucht.

Economy and Resources
🌟 B&B Panel: Towards Post-Capitalism in the Information Age (EN)
Jonas Pentzien, Ela Kagel, Max Bank, Cecilia Rikap

What policies do we need to break market power in the platform economy? How can we ensure that our digital futures are centered around the common good, and not profit? And what could post-capitalism in the information age look like?

Tech Design, Power Relations and Ownership