Myrian Rigal

Myrian is Senior Product Manager at Technology Foundation Berlin, a charitable foundation that drives the digital transformation of Berlin’s administration, education, culture and business sectors. She is passionate about building products that solve problems people care about. Myrian has been working at the intersection of user experience, technology and business for over 7 years across various different fields in London and Berlin. An outdoor enthusiast and advocate for digital literacy for children, she is always up for a chat on all things bicycle and EdTech.


Quantified Trees: How artificial intelligence can save city trees (EN)
Marcus Voss, Myrian Rigal

As part of QTrees we are developing an intelligent prediction model that will optimise the watering of city trees. QTrees will contribute to preserving the existing tree population by predicting water retention.

QTrees is being actively developed, in our session we'll present insights into the data and methods being used to develop the prediction model.

Digitalisation, Environmental and Climate Protection